Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scrooge NO more

It has been beyond hard for me to get in the Christmas Spirit this year. I actually haven't even tried. We baked with all the girls in the family {yeah, those cookies are already gone.} The boys went on their annual tree farm adventure. We actually had an amazing time with family that we are truly thankful for. We have a tree in our living room, in our other {newly remodeled, beautiful apartment that we are gonna move into asap} apartment down the hall. In a big ice cream bucket of water, leaning against the wall. All of our ornaments, stockings, and anything Christmas is an hour away drive. So here I am. Refusing to turn on Christmas music. How can you get in the spirit if you do not have anything Christmas-y? I mean lets be honest here, I don't have anything. Monetary or material, that is. We are still unemployed. We are living by the grace of God. We don't receive unemployment, we don't receive cash assistance. All we have is given to us, at this time. We do have a storage unit full of all our beloved material possessions, but is an hour away.

Why am I sharing this? Not for anyone to feel sorry for us. Not for people to judge us. But for the ones who are in this boat. The ones, who feel like they don't have anything to celebrate, or be thankful for. The one who needs to know they are not alone. For the one who feels like they can't do this yet another year. 

Tonight I took Av to wrestling practice and the twins came along for the ride. They were SO into the Christmas lights on this drive, it was so fun. I couldn't stop smiling. And it was so awesome to see Av seeing it from their eyes. He wanted me to go down a street, FOR THEM, and I did. I didn't say, maybe next time. And I was happy to go down that street, it was a good one!! I turned on the CHRISTmas music. It was a sensational little outing. And I now have the Spirit. 

There are things to celebrate. Whether they have to do with Christmas or not. But while I am talking about Christmas, there is definitely something to celebrate. Our Savior's BIRTH!!

For me, I can celebrate that we will be moving in our remodeled apartment soon {saturday.} Which means we may be going to get some of our stuff from storage {saturday.} We are so thankful.

I can celebrate the heart of my daughters, who have a heat for others. Mia came home the other day, and gives me a paper with a list of a family who is in need. She said, "Mom, I know we are in need, but this family is worse off than us. I signed us up to get this little boy something. It can be little, I am sharing him with my friend AND the stuff can be used." When Ari found out, she immediately chastised Mia, because we can't do anything for others.....JUST to tell me w/in minutes, I mean seriously with in minutes, that she signed up to make a cake for a cake walk, at the FOOD BOWL to help raise money and food for those in need. The cake was made, we got the little guy a lil something. And I know that God will bless my daughters for their willingness to give. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how awesome they are.

I can be grateful for our health.

I can celebrate that Jesus is the reason for the season, and although I want to give my kids presents, the best thing I can give them is HIM.

I can celebrate and be thankful for so many things....if I choose to.

So what am I gonna do with the new found CHRISTmas spirit? I am gonna make snowflakes with the kiddos and cinnamon ornaments. We are gonna pray for that family. We are gonna put on Christmas music. Watch a Christmas movie. Read and re read the Christmas story found here. Have some hot cocoa. Bake some more. Enjoy family. And love.

Scrooge NO MORE!!

If things are rough for your family....might I encourage you to think about the things you can be thankful for!!

*I didn't publish this last night. It was late and I wanted to read with fresh eyes. But also report I am listening to Christmas music on pandora while doing laundry = awesome!!