Sunday, January 2, 2011

twentyten part2

Well it is the NEW YEAR!! Welcome twentyeleven!!

Like I said June was a busy month. It so was. Here goes....
School ending. It was a tough end of the year for me. Field day. This was a big end of the year for us. Ariana graduated 8th grade and AJ graduated 5th. Both of them heading to a new and bigger schools. With new teachers and new kids and new classrooms and new hallways to get lost in. Then theres the graduation ceremonies and award assemblies{x5!!} I went to the elementary school to take pictures a few times. I knew it was going to be the last year there. I wanted pictures. It was so weird when I picked them up the last day. AJ had a bag full of his things and he was no longer and elementary student. I've done this twice before, every time......its exciting and sad all at the same time. So we head out and we did something special the first day.....I can't remember....slurpees or ice cream. And then the next weeks were full. Farmers markets. Walking downtown. Waterparks. Children's Museum. Taste of Tacoma AND the zoo {that was an exhausting day!!} We had Avery and Alaina's joint birthday party. Pool days. Crafts. Picnics. Antwone's Bday. Ice cream trucks. And then of course the excitement of the beginning of summer......
Another busy month....but then when isn't life ever busy?? Ari's first season of soccer. The anticipation of school ending. This year {and others in past} seemed like all the teachers waited until May to have field trips all around the same time. Some classed multiple ones. It was crazy busy and crazy expensive....My ggma visited. We tried to live it up for her because this woman doesn't quit. She shops and shops and shops. We ALL went to get pedi's. That was nice. 5 generation pictures. egg drop. Extended family bbq's and get togethers. Owens beach. Ava's first pigtails. End of school bbq. bare feet babies.
BIG month!! Big time!! Lani turned 8{and I still haven't gotten use to that idea} cupcakes. boys basketball. Grand Prix.....the kids did great!! Avery takes competition a little serious. This was a fun day! AJ went to 5th grade science camp!! He had the greatest time. It was so hard to let him go for a entire week......without talking to him. But we knew he would have an amazing time. He did. I carpooled with a few other moms for a display of all the funness and boy, did I leave with a headache. When he was leaving to go.....he was so annoyed with the momarazzi.....aka camera in his face!! Then we went to The Great Wolf Lodge. That place is just awesome. It was our Christmas gift from my gparents and it was perfect {we're going again, and just can't wait}
This is the month I was born. The last 3 years I have fought getting older. This year I have decided to welcome my birthday......I am. It should be celebrated, right?? Then I made the mistake choice to get married 2 days after my birthday {girls-DON'T DO THIS ;)} So, its the month of my anniversary, too!!! And Easter.....we had a nice Easter and the kids sang at church. Lovely. We enjoyed the beginning of springtime. We went on walks often.
Ava and Aiden turned ONE. This was an anticipated date for us!! As much as we {I} would {love} to freeze time and for them to stay warm, snugly, cuddly babies......the inevitable had to happen. I think for parents of multiples, at least for us, and others I can't wait for them to be one, all the while trying to enjoy every exhausting, sleepless moment. I had heard from other parents of multiples, "just wait til they are a year" OR "it gets easier when they are one!!" Well, for me it didn't get easier, just different. {And I can't believe they will be TWO next month!!} W, have 3 birthdays in February now. Ariana, our oldest also turned 14!! I know I sound like a broken record, but how did this happen?? I enjoyed a field trip with Avery's class to the Pacific Science Center. I got stuck with 6 boys. ;);) We had a great time. His friends kept asking when I 'd be coming back......and they next field trip they were begging for Avery's mom! the older 2 girls had science experiments. I went with them for the judging of the experiments {we had a huge fight that night, I can't remember what it was about, but I remember saying to them that they are ungrateful for all I do. I so badly wanted to make them walk. I didn't though, of course.}
I unfortunately cannot recall much from last January. I know we had AJ's birthday party almost 2 months late. And that it was a bunch of fun. I remember I wasn't sleeping a full night.....hahaha!! But really, that's about it. Which is why I am so glad I am blogging now.

I am looking forward to this next year.
I am excited to see how God will use our family.
I am joyful when I see how much my oldest is growing in the Lord.
I am looking forward to serving Jesus.
I am excited to seek Him first.

Until next time.........


  1. awesome posts Alisha... I wish I had it in me to do the same..... maybe I should start a draft post & just add to it as this year goes by... now there's a plan xx

  2. A draft post is a good idea!!