Thursday, March 17, 2011

Standard Operating Procedures


I wish I could describe it to you......
but I don't even know if describing it would be 'enough'

Maybe I'm whining. Oh well. Believe me when I say I trust in the Lord. Oh I do.
I look back and see His sovereignty. I think 'He really knew what He was doing here'
I do have faith. I know my God will never leave me.....

See my life is just crazy. Seriously. And I'm not talking all the kids here. Everything else is nuts.

I always seem to encounter the craziest {rude} people, whether its at the kids' school or at Target.....even when I'm being super nice. I ALWAYS get the run around when making phone calls. I get told one thing on the phone, just to run across town and be told 'we don't do that.' I don't know why the many  other examples are fleeting my memory right now. But there are many. I usually try to find a silver lining! {And I have many successful trips out and about in our world----its not all horrible} I do wonder why, though. Let me tell ya, I've talked to God about this......

I tell ya one thing I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ask is 'What else could go wrong' I'm so terrified of that question, it kinda freaked me out typing it!!

Now your probably thinking.....'Um. Alisha, thats EVERYONE'S life.' Well, that may be.....BUT if I could list everything, you'd probably put me on your prayer list {which, I totally need, so go right ahead ;)}

And now I wonder why I even typed this. I've found in my life, because I'm so transparent, people judge me often.....SO DON'T!!! {He's still working on me, and none of us have arrived}

Today when I was leaving my parents house.....I was talking to my dad and I said "Dad, I'm tired of all this kind of crap that always happens" He assured me "its standard operating procedure"
Well, I don't know if that makes me feel any better......except to say that I do know, its life, my life. And He never gives me more than I can handle......
toooo bad He trusts me so much ;)

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