Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You can do this too!!

So I was gonna do a note on facebook, but thought since I have been slacking on the blog lately, I'd do a blog......SO.....

I have heard many people say they wish they could coupon, or had the time, or wanted to learn how.....
Well, this week at RiteAid you could do something sooooo easy and get shampoo, conditioner or hairspray for FIFTY CENTS a bottle!!!!!! Unreal, right?! I know. But once you start to get things 'on the cheap' its kinda hard to ever pay full price!!


Go to Rite Aid
Fill out the form for their wellness card (its free, its their 'rewards' card program)
Buy 2 bottles of finesse (you can get shampoo, conditioner, or hairspray)
Pay $6 plus tax.
At the bottom of your receipt a $5 up reward will print out.
Use that $5 up reward to buy 2 more bottles.
Pay $1 plus tax.
Another $5 up will print up on receipt.
Repeat one more time.
That will be 3 different transactions.

You will be out $8 plus tax. You will have 6 bottles of finesse. And you will leave the store w/ $5 up rewards to be used just like cash on anything in the store w/in 2wks. They actually will give you $5 back!! So for $3 you get SIX bottles of finesse. No coupons necessary. No clipping, no wasting (although, its not really wasting if you consider your savings an hourly wage) and its easy!!

If you don't use finesse products, consider doing this anyway and donating to a womens shelter, or a family in need.

Also, make sure you look on the expiration date on the $5 up reward and use it before it expires!!

One more thing......I <3 RiteAid!!

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