Friday, February 18, 2011

You TWO are TWO

I think back on the pregnancy.
Trying to get pregnant (that was fun)
Telling people we were expecting another baby--not so fun
Finding out there were TWO--interesting
Being pregnant with TWO--hard & different
Getting ready to go into a must c-section--SO SCARY!!!
Having infant twins, especially newborn.....
talk about interesting.....
its like, you keep trying to tell yourself "I got this"
but really your fooling yourself
or is it trying to convince yourself, so that somehow you really will have it?
You look forward to when they turn ONE!!
Once they turn one, you wonder-did I really enjoy them being babies?
They're ONE

Everyone says it will get easier
It doesn't, just.....
You go on your merry way
They go from babies to toddlers
You wish you can press a pause button.....
especially when they're running in opposite directions!!
Sometimes, you ask yourself----
how do I do this?
You don't really have an answer
except....'by the grace of God'
You get stopped by the twinarazzi everywhere you go
You continue to try and convince yourself you got this
They start walking, running, telling you NO
all the joys of toddlers
You sometimes surprise yourself at how much you do
'got this'
Then there are times your so grateful for a second set of hands and eyes
or cages :)
You wonder how you ever lived w/o them

You cry because your so overwhelmed
Then they bring a smile back to your face
a lot of smiles
did I mention they brought smiles to my face

and joy to my heart
seeing the world through the eyes of a child is exciting and fun
seeing it through the eyes of twin toddlers is incredible

the messes

the sharing

and more sharing :D
 watching their relationship develop over this year had been fascinating
its awesome to watch
they know each other, have their own language, look out for each other
they really are each others keeper

 and then the fun fun!!
This has definitely been a trying, fun, exhausting, joyful, stressful, exciting year and I look forward to the 'TERRIFIC' TWOS!!!

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  1. What a great post. I love it. They are two of the most gorgeous children I've ever seen. You are one lucky mummy indeed.

    and in all that questioning yourself about how you do it you have neglected to make mention that you do it PLUS have five other children. I for one, take my hat off to you ALL the time :):)