Saturday, May 21, 2011


Give me some water and soap!!!

Now before you gasp and call child services, I DO have them in my home, right now as I type and I've just used them.
But that is a rare occasion. 

Now back in the day, when it was just the 5 kiddos, and they were little I went through band-aids like I went through diapers.....

Every time a kid got hurt, they all needed a band-aid....all 5.

And if I tried to explain to the others, that in fact so and so was the one who just got hurt and you've been fine without one, or don't have an ouwee....they'd find one! Even if it was a millimeter.....a speck you could only see with a magnifying glass!

So, I stopped buying them, and ya know what- they lived. 

But you should see how other kids that visit my house react when they find out I don't have band-aids, when they get a booboo. Can we say *MELTDOWN* you know the kinda melt down where the child thinks its pretty much the end. Well, if you think they're bad....encounter their parents. You know the parents I'm talking about.....they either only have one child, or are germaphobes.....neither of those can I say I am.
And they gasp, and can't believe with 7 children I don't have band-aids. 

Fast-forward 5ish year later {from the last time I probably bought band-aids} and I start couponing. I find great deals on band-aids...and figure I have twoddlers, I might wanna give them another try. So I buy them, for pennies btw.

Thursday {5-19} Ava takes a fall on the sidewalk. I act like a total veteran mom {that I am}, and don't overreact, just watching, waiting for a reaction. She gets up, walks over to me, I'm not far at all, and by now I'm asking if she's fine. I pick her up, and suddenly I'm abducted by aliens. I had no control. I turned into a germaphobe, first time, overreacting mom....rush her into the bathroom to wash of her scraped knee, apply peroxide...blow on it, add neosporin and then a band-aid. Now the saddest part of the story is it was barely bleeding. The skin was barely cut. She watched, in amazement to the steps taken, as she's never experienced this before. She took it all in, every step. Because she's observant. But guess who else was watching. Yep, you named it. Aiden. And guess who else needed a band-aid. Uh huh, Aiden. Can you guess the first thing I said???
Aiden, sissy got hurt. You don't need a band-aid, you don't have any ouwees.
Now of course he started inspecting his entire body, and sure enough he found a little scab on his ankle that was the size of a kernal of corn, maybe smaller, that was already healing on its own. So the good mother that I am, puts some neosporin on a new band-aid and puts it on his almost completely healed ouwee. 

Fast forward 2 minutes, we go into my room to change diapers and guess who needs to take the band-aids, that I so meticulously applied to their ouwees off??


Yep, both of them. 

Warning to all the germaphobe, overreacting mama's out there......if you come to my house you might wanna


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