Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't wanna forget!!

Life gets crazy.
It gets busy.
Days mesh together.
Before long I forget.
I forget things I want to remember.
I didn't write as much as I wanted when the kids were little.

So here are things I don't wanna forget from today, well yesterday now....actually two days ago now, as I didn't publish this yesterday ;)

The twins playing in their room so nice together.
Their conversation.
Aiden laying down on Ava's monkey pillow- they were imaginary it!

Aiden getting into my sisters car for a playdate.
He was so excited and so cute leaving.
He hasn't done that much.
And the twins haven't been apart much.
But what I really wanna remember is Aiden having toys piled up in his lap, and stretching his head up life a giraffe to see us over the toys. It was so cute. He just had to say bye.

My oldest has been boy crazy since she was 4. Seriously. I thought that was bad.
Well of course Ava had to beat that and declare that a teenage boy she saw walking down the road, cute. She said, "That boy cute."
I'm afraid.

My husband and my oldest son outside working in the yard together. I don't wanna lose that picture. He has been teaching the boys how to work equipment. I loved watching AJ watch him, when he was fixing equipment. It reminded me of him going behind Antwone with his fisher-price bubble lawn mower when he was a toddler.

Ari taking Aiden on endless walks around the neighborhood, and Lani joining them.

Amia making calls to stores. I loved hearing her doing what she's heard me do. You know how your 'phone' voice changes. It was cute!

There are the things I don't wanna forget that happened on 5-24-11

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  1. this post is just lovely... I need to do more like this. Having a lot of children makes us time poor but memory rich... so long as we can remember it all. My mother always says NOW that she gets the memories of me & my sisters mixed up... she's not sure who did what.

    I shall endeavour to post more things like this... maybe we should do "Memory Monday"??