Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I wanted to share a few conversations I had with Alaina last week.
I don't want to forget them.
And while I don't think I will forget them....{you'll see why in a sec}
I figured this is the purpose of blogging, for me anyways
So I can look back and remember things I didn't want to forget.......
I forget things alot.
Its sad, but true.
I forget what kid used to say what.....
Or what kid did what....
You can usually hear me saying...
'Who used to do          '
This is my cure for the forgetting

 heres the conversations...

taken on her birthday 4/23/10
I was cleaning out my purse last week and took everything out of my wallet
including my drivers license....I don't know why I took that out
It had its own little spot,
 it wasn't going to change or be relocated....
Nevertheless, I did

Alaina- dang mom that SUCKS!!
me- {not too thrilled w/ her word choice} what does?
Alaina- you can't even wear make-up when your taking your drivers license picture

my license has been misplaced ever since that day....
she started playing dress up and apparentantly used my license

taken 8/1/10
Next conversation.....
 I was asking the kids about their Christmas program practice
They began to tell me how the angels were made to stand the entire time
they were quit disturbed, actually

Alaina- {as dramatic and high pitched as you can imagine} I was bouta E-claps!!!!!!

lets just say I couldn't hold in the laughter on that one
ECLAPS~ meaning collapse

love this pic of Lani w/ my dad

I forgot this one-----SEE I ALWAYS FORGET!!!!!

Last night I couldn't remember if I had taken my antibiotic {again-FORGOT}
Alaina was near me and could hear me talking out loud about whether or not I took it
 I poured out the pills and counted them, hoping to be able to figure it out
Me-I cant remember if I did or not
Alaina- see, thats what I hate about taking meds

There are 2 reasons I find this  hilarious
1. I can't remember the last time she had to take anything
2. She used the word meds um, who says that except MY MOTHER

so cute

another pic....why not??

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  1. Sooooo, I was told by MY DAD, that you have a new blog- so today I saw a post and decided to take a look...can I say, please continue your pics & comments! I had a bit of emotion as I read them...and a chuckle with the "meds" comment! Love you