Monday, December 13, 2010

Its been a long weekend............

I'm too tired. I want to blog......but I'm just too tired. I haven't been feeling well as most know!! I spent most of Saturday in the ER.......I have the bestest best friend ever!!! She stayed with me the whole time {well til her hair appt.....a girl can't miss her hair appt} while my Mr. Wonderful was here will all the kiddos!!! My mom came and took me home and she also bought me dinner......yum yum!! Chicken enchiladas. I hadnt eaten ALL DAY- well cept the donut my bff brought me that morning....

Oh, the kids had their Christmas program yesterday. They all participated......even the babies. SO CUTE!!!! Ari read scripture-so just fab!! Amia was Mary-her and Joseph have already planned their divorce-awesome. AJ was an INN KEEPER, Avery a shepard.....again.....for the fourth time in a row (at least) Alaina was an angel-----beautiful. The babies were lil lambs.....sheep....something like that ;)
It was a nice time and a great potluck know what they say about Baptists-----wherever food is, so are we. Although, I'm sure thats EVERYONE ;)

I finally after all these years ordered Christmas cards w/ the kids' picture on it. Toooo cute, but hey...its not easy getting 7 kids to all look at my the same time, anyways. I might actually mail them out this year, but I can't make any promises....;)

We've had some very important birthdays {although ALL birthdays are important} this fall/winter. Amia joined her sister and can now officially call herself a teen. She's thrilled. AJ turned 12......yes they're close in age, not a full year. He still wishes he could do all that the girls can do. He wants so much to be treated like a man. Oh and thanks for the heads up mamas who have gone before me {yes that was sarcsm} Nobody warned me about boys and emotions during puberty. Yes, I knew he'd go thru changes. I was WELL prepared for that. Not for him being emotional, too. I mean, its of course not at the level of the girls, but I wasn't prepared. SO if your reading this and you have young boys....they're not immune. Consider yourself warned. Your welcome ;)

I wanna post some pix tonight after I put the terrorizing twosome to bed......
Until then,


  1. So good to see you a bloggin'....... now I will know almost all there is to know about you.

    I think it's awful when people don't leave comments.... *HINT... so I will!!!!

    Susan :):)

  2. Susan......LOL'ing at your hint. Got it!!

  3. Alisha - thank you for the heads up.....3 boys. Ouch this will be painful.

  4. Erika, NO PROB......whatever I can do to help ;)