Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've been surfing......

......the blogs that is. I haven't had much sleep lately. I've been studying ;) I've been reading so many different blogs. I have to say, there are alot more people like me than I thought. Well, I always knew there were people that thought of children as a blessing and not a burden. I knew they were out there. I'm so happy to see them. To look at pictures. To read stories of moms feeling the same way I do. Its surreal. Why didn't I start blogging sooner? I could've had support from others all these years.....well aside from my Above Rubies magazines that I've been getting for 7ish years ;)

I couldn't think of a name......for the longest. I finally facebooked a friend, gave her a TON OF INFO as to what I want my blog to be about. Things I wanna write about.....and w/in a few minutes she had one. NineBrownBirds.....perfect. I will explain why later. For now I have to figure out how to get pictures of my beautiful blessings on here. It must be pretty simple, but you see......I'm so NOT a techy. I don't get it. My brain freezes the second it knows its time to think. HTML who?? Ask me about paint colors, or babies, or cosleeping, or teens.....I'm there. Ask me to know what I'm doing on a computer...uh, not gonna happen.

Here it is. My first blog post. So cool.....and yet so weird all at the same time. I've thought about blogging for ever.....years. Then a dear friend encouraged me to start one and I am!!! I'm looking forward to sharing our life. 

Until next time,
PS, I cant remember if I have a sig or not so if I have two, well...then I do ;)

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