Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our lil visitor

Is she just gorgeous? How about her sense of style?? This reminds me of Alaina. I wonder if I have any pictures of her get-ups?! Hmmmmm
This lil darling is dh's favorite kid, besides his own!!
Why, you ask......Well when she was newborn, she spent soooo much time at our house. And Antwone was one of her first words....if you ask him it was her first word {I actually think it was}
She loved Uncle Antwone. I traded her for Alaina for a few days.
I took her and Ari out for lunch today. After we prayed and ask God to bless our food, she tells me "Auntie, you know God didn't make computers. He made people and people did."
 I'm really not her aunt. Antwone's not really her uncle. Her mom and I are cousins. But auntie works. It always has.
Today I did a random photoshoot of her, the best kind. Here's a few of the shots.

and a few more, untouched {sometimes the best}

She will be leaving today. Alaina returning. Must not wait so long to have her back.

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