Wednesday, April 13, 2011

at this very moment

there is popcorn on the floor
dinner is not done
i've just gotten home from evening kid pick up
antwone has ran out to get some christian crack aka caffiene
boys are scurrying around to get baseball stuff together
ariana is playing fast pitch, first home game i've missed
alaina is doing hw and finding jammies to wear for pj night @ awanas
avery left his glove @ my parents, he found a backup
washer machine is going
10 dishes in the sink- i counted
recycling that needs to be taken out
2 toddlers with chocolate faces
i've been told of a 4th grader cutting herself @ school-such a sad, hurting world
antwone is back, taking boys to practice
im here w/ the chocolate toddlers, a almost 9yo, and
a teen who is getting her track stuff together for tomorrow
we're about to leave to pick up ariana
and go to awanas
who needs to eat dinner anyways

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