Saturday, April 30, 2011


turned 9 a week ago.

Now this is the one I really can't believe. Because seriously, she was just born....and my honey just brought up all the big kids to see their baby sister in the hospital, right??

I remember that day....Nani was is the room, she was only 6. She touched the hearts of the doctors and nurses with her sweetheartedness {yes i made that up, it fits!!} She repeated over and over again {right after Lani was born}....Mommy, that's our baby? We love our baby, mommy. I love my baby sister, mommy. Don't we love our baby, mommy. It was the sweetest thing ever!!

But that wasn't yesterday. It was 9 years ago. 

Lani was our baby for 6 years before we had more babies....and I can't help but think how weird our family would be without any lil ones here. 

But Lanilulu is 9 and as weird as that seems....I have truly enjoyed being her mama. I mean after you have a few kids you kinda relax a lil bit...because everything isn't going to be perfect, and you know that. I remember wanting to enjoy every moment of her life, because my oldest baby was 6 and by that time I knew time flew by way to fast. I purposed to enjoy her birth, even making it longer according to some!! I vowed to nurse her a year, and enjoy it, because their is no point in complaining, and I wasn't in a rush to 'have MY body back' But she weaned at 6 months, talk about devastating mama. Once she had a bottle, she slowly weaned herself...sad mama!

Lani has been a pure joy. I seriously cannot imagine life without her.

She's funny. Strong. Sensitive. She has a great laugh. She's able to role with the punches. She has such a unique position in this family....she's gotten to be baby, lil sister, and now big sister.

People were so concerned about Lani losing her spot as baby in the family, since she had it for SO long. But just the other night she was in tucking her lil brother and lil sister into bed. She was patient, tender, and firm. She read to them, sang to them and talked with them. At that very moment {even though there had been these 'moments' where I thought this before} I thought, this has been one of the best gifts for her. And how awesome she has taken to her role. At times, when others are frustrated with the twins, she steps up.....and doesn't usually complain. 

She's friendly, makes friends where ever she goes. Loves fashion and has a fashion sense all her own. This girl can make anything look good! Loves to watch tv.....for hours on end {yeah, were working on that ;)} and loves to watch her favorite songs on youtube, reading and memorizing the lyrics!!

And if I could just say one more thing about her....I absolutely love that her favorite songs right now are christian songs, and when she hears them on the radio, we gotta blast 'em.....because that's how we roll.

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