Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its Wednesday

and I'm really needing to list all the things I'm grateful for.....
Wordless Wednesday isn't going to work for me, not this Wednesday

squishy toddlers cheeks to kiss
how Aiden rubs my face oh so gently
my late night shopping trip w/ Lani last night
a comfy pillow
books.....even if time to read is unavail, I like knowing they're there
big train chai
healthy toddlers who destroy my house in 2.3 seconds
kid activities, even if I'm drained
a vehicle to get me to those places, even if gas is $4/gallon
jammie pants
a husband that can take over when I'm just done
a God who's mercy I cannot fathom, but I'm ever so grateful for it
crafts=cheap therapy
another kid hitting puberty
the lungs on this girl....she's gotta be a singer, right?
extended family
anticipation of summer
brothers and sisters in Christ
evening walks
a mama's instinct
sand buckets
His love
melissa&doug toys

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