Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life, recap'd

So that last post was a doozy, ay? Yeah, it sure was a doozy to write and LIVE. I think back on that day and am glad it is over. I am so incredibly thankful for the love and support from friends, near and far. For encouraging words. For your prayers. They were felt. That was one of the hardest days of my life, I'm so not kidding.

I read this on Above Rubies' status update {facebook} on Friday. I could easily think it was written just for me...
'Are you struggling with children that are not making "great" choices? A wise friend reminded me that we, as mothers, have a function to complete. We complete it to the best of our abilities. She said that Billy Graham's son, Franklin, was the most rebellious in the family, and he is now running that full time ministry! Time to let go of fear and guilt, do our best, and let our great God do the rest! Love Michelle'
As you can imagine that spoke to me.

*deep breath*

Great weekend, huh? Isn't it always a great time to get together with family, go to church and just be joyous. My sister wrote on facebook, it should be like this 365/yr and its true, it should. But life gets crazy sometimes. We have deadlines, commitments, work, chores, relationships to maintain....

How nice was it to come together at church and just worship our Lord, the Resurrected Savior!!! To reflect on that gift and what it truly means. 

Our weekend was so busy. Oh em gee. Saturday was off the charts, busy. *deep breath* It started with a baseball jamboree. The boys haven't played for a couple years, and they just loved it. There is just something about baseball. The last year they played, AJ was extremely bored. He was so annoyed with playing the outfield and never getting any action. Well, this time AJ had a few great plays and Scooter (Av) hit a double. It was a nice swing!!

Lani turned 9 on Saturday, too!! We had such a great time with family and friends. It was small, as small as it could be with my family. Hubby grilled up some amazingly scrumpcious food. It was all about Lani, she got some cute gifts and had a good time. We did a candy hunt....bc the twinadoes ruined half of our eggs....and it was fun to sprinkle candy in the long grass around the trees, bushes and an old tree stump! I got a picture {on my phone} of 5 kiddos 3 and under sitting on my porch with suckers in their mouth....precious. The boys outside playing HORSE with both Gpa's, uncle and dad. The lil ones wanting to be outside...SO bad!! They were most of the time. Football in the front yard. Fun. Great conversation. 

I was able to find matching outfits for the kids for Easter....no pictures though, as I have lost my battery charger....sad, sad, sad. Believe me, they will be wearing it again for family pictures!! {so you will see them} And I may have to buy a new charger. Like tomorrow. 

As busy as Saturday was, I will forever have it etched in my memory. It was a great day. A great day to have a birthday. A great day to have a bbq. A great day to have family over.



  1. I haven't read up on blogs too much lately.. you know... life?? kinda busy? wish I had more time... life..... anyway....

    you are awesome and I want you to know that just as YOU have been a wonderful friend to me over the years I am for you too..... anytime XX

  2. Thank you Susan. Means alot. I know what you mean about life being busy. ttysoon xx