Friday, April 29, 2011

just kinda mad at me

today i failed

i was supposed to be at Lani's school for special persons day

for lunch

i was gonna bring her subway

and eat with her

the thing is

i forgot

and i didn't really wanna go

which she knew {because kids aren't dumb and i dont act well}

but i was gonna pull up my boot straps {tie my nikes,really}

load up the twins

and go

even though they would've stressed me out to pieces

i forgot

and its worse because she knew i didn't wanna go

thinking about seeing her face, because i KNOW she cried, makes me so mad at me

or her feeling let down.....BY HER MAMA

deeep breath

thank God kids are resilient

and i'll try to make it up to her

but it won't take that moment away

so im gonna be mad at me for a second

and love on her when i pick her up

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