Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ocean Shores, WA

My little sister, best friend turned sister in law, and mama went to Ocean Shores a while back. I haven't posted any pictures of our weekend, so I thought I would here. Before I do, I thought I'd share something about our rumored weather.

The truth about Seattle, Wa weather, is, well, its not great! BUT, it isn't as bad as some may think or hear. No, its not a tropical destination. We get all four seasons. Our winters don't provide feet of snow and our summers don't provide many days in the ninetyplus degrees, a hundred degrees isn't heard of. It rains alot, and most complain about it. But did you know that Seattle isn't even on the top ten list of rainiest cities?? Mobile, Alabama registers five feet of rain annually and PacNW doesn't even enter the list until 24, that being Olympia, according to this. Florida has 4 cities on the list. crazy.
Head over to Eastern WA, over the Cascade Mountains and its an entirely different climate. Very dry and very warm summers.
And there are areas here that get alot of snow as well.
Washington is gorgeous. We have mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, islands, bay waters, wildlife, green everywhere.....beautiful autumns with leaves of all colors and spring is just as gorgeous with birds chirping and blossoms blooming everywhere.....
that being said, I'll share pictures of our girls weekend!!

The deer are everywhere, like cats a native said.


Mama and baby girl

By far, my most favorite sign EVER!!

Love these cute lil shops!!
This is just some of the pictures taken on our girls weekend!!

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